The Library of Juraj Fándly in Trnava

The Library of Juraj Fándly in Trnava is the biggest public library in the region of Trnava. It has been established by the Self-Governing Region of Trnava. It is seated in the oldest free royal city in Slovakia - in Trnava.

By its history, it is connected with the first public athenaeum of the national revivalist - Martin Branislav Tamaškovič from 1838, the public city library established by the Magyar educational society of Bratislava - FEMKE in 1886, and the Public Library of City of Trnava that started to pursue its activities on 14 February 1927. It was located in the historical building of the University of Trnava - Albertinum. The playwright - Ferko Urbánek also acted there as a librarian.

On 30 April 1952, the Public Library of the City of Trnava was transformed into the District Library in Trnava and moved to the building of the former Slovak Agricultural Bank where it has been pursuing its activities until present. It was built by the outstanding Slovak architect - Michal Milan Harminc.

The library provides its services in the central building, in its 2 branches and a specialised music department seated in the renaissance House of Music of M. Schneider-Trnavský.

In 1997, it became a regional library. It operates as informational, educational and advisory centre for 96 community and municipal districts of Trnava, Hlohovec and Piešťany and 3 regional libraries of the Region of Trnava.

Since 1952, it has undergone several organisational changes. The entire period of the library existence has recorded expansion and improvement of library services.

Currently, the library fund comprises approximately 240,000 books, music, audio, audiovisual and electronic documents. For information on documents in the library fund, visit the on-line catalogue.

It provides its visitors with lending services, mediates borrowing of documents from other libraries, lends audio books to the visually impaired and blind people, provides information on the region of Trnava, its history and life, and also offers public internet.

The trained library staff provides the persons interested with specialised information from the area of intellectual and industrial property and specialised information from the Parliament Library of the National Council of the SR.

For the general public and groups of interest, the library organises cultural-social and educational events, such as meetings with book creators - writers, poets, translators, and illustrators, arranges programmes to support children's reading, classes of information training, classes of literature, music in the library, etc.





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